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Boost leak???

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Hi I'm new to this group and mechanically inept I've got a 2015 mondeo mk5 1.5 tdci econetic was driving it yesterday loss of power and a whoosh noise when I lift off accelerator had the Amber spanner symbol appear on dash been told could be a split or loose boost pipe or wastegate actuator anyone have ideas on how to narrow it down. Noise seems to be louder top left of engine think there's a throttle body from what the part no says on the big black boost pipe??? Any help would be welcomed 

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Easiest way to narrow it down is to have the fault codes read, ideally with something Ford specific such as Forscan.  That should confirm whether it's a boost leak or not.

Quickest way to check if it's a boost leak is by ear and eye though.  Get someone else to rev the engine while you look and feel around the boost pipes.  

You're correct about the throttle body being top left.  If the noise is coming from there, first thing to do would be tighten the jubilee clamps on the boost hose.  Second check would be the plastic pipe behind the throttle body, make sure it hasn't cracked and that the MAP sensor hasn't snapped and been blown out of it.


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