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In need of some sage advice

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Good evening all. I was wondering could anyone help here. I’ve bought a 2009 Ford ka 1.3 tdci for her first car. I’ve found it easy enough to work on to change brakes etc. but when I put it up on the axle stands, I noticed this Rusty front section  

it’s on the front passenger side and I’m wondering 


1) what that part actually is

2) can it be welded to be repaired or is it best to replace 

I appreciate the help in advance everyone 😊

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That part holds the front crossmember (radiator and bumper mount) to the subframe.  

I'm not sure of it's correct name.  Ford list it as 'filler' and eBay have them as 'longitudinal struts'.


As the front end is held on with very long bolts, you may be able to support one side at a time and unbolt them individually.  As a fairly major component, I'm not sure I'd feel safe having them welded.

This eBay ad shows them pretty well.



On an unrelated note, that sharp edge of the ramp in the tyre tread is making me cringe! :unsure:

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Had noticed that after I took the photo and got it straight down! Thanks Tom!! I’ll get it ordered. Really appreciate your quick response 

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