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Issue with fan control unit replacement

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About a month ago, I seen the temperature of the engine growing up for first time, from the midle to three quarters. After doing some checks, I came to the conclusion that the fault came from the fan motor control unit.

Here the full history: 

Well, the old control unit has a number on it: 940.0029.04. 


I was bought the same piece (or at least, seems the same) on a website subsidiary of Autodoc:


...once the control unit was replaced, the fan was working fine, but these days it's been hot, and I've noticed that the air conditioning has stopped working!

After performing some checks, I seen that the compressor clutch pins don't recieve voltage. Checked the relay and fuse and are okay. Then I connected the vlinker diagnose tool, and just I have an error related with this control unit: Error P0480-64

Then I replaced again the unit for the old one. And... the fan don't works as expected, but the air con works well... ?!

I talked about Autodoc guy, that offer me a refund, and, after giving the VIN on my car (VIN: WF0MXXGCDM5XXXXXX) says that the control unit are uncompatible, and I must purchase an entire new fan + control unit...

And they give me a link: https://www.autodoc.es/repuestos/oem/1344539?search=OEN 1344539
...but on it, appears also two control units that seems the same as mine, with claims compatibility with the same reference as mine: 940.0029.04...?!

...apart from the fact that the fan+unit solution is more expensive, I don't understand that the same reference does not work, nor do I see clearly that by replacing the whole assembly I won't have the same error again.

I'm a bit puzzled, I don't know what to do... can anyone tell me what to look for to know if the part will work well in my car or not?

Thanks in advance.



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Hi everyone. Autodoc refunded me, and I solved this by replacing the fan control unit by one from the car scrapping. I'm not sure if the new part are faulty, but in any case, an old original unit worked fine.

Hope this helps someone!

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