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Hissing/Rushing air sound under acceleration petrol 1.0


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Hi there,

Got a 2013 C-Max about a month ago, got the timing/wet belt changed as it had never been changed. Only 31000 miles on the clock. Engine is a 1.0l Ecoboost petrol.


Now, however, I have an issue. When accelerating (especially uphill) I can hear a whooshing air sound outside of the window (can't hear it inside), kind of like if you were blowing air through a straw. After 30 seconds of this sound the engine malfunction display pops up amber (no engine light, just display) and I lose power and the rushing air sound stops. Of the car is switched off and on again, everything runs normally until I need the "Boost" part come in then the cycle repeats.

Could it be that the garage that fitted the new Wetbelt has not connected a hose correctly? Or any other ideas. Thank you.

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Yes, just take it back and ask them to sort it.

If you want to check parts yourself.  Start with the vacuum pump, top right of the engine (as you're looking at it) with thin vac pipes coming off it.  If no breaks there, follow that pipework across to the turbo boost control valve.  If still no signs of breakage, check the thick turbo boost pipes.

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Thank you for replying. Had a look and couldn't find anything using sight but I could hear air escaping from the left side of the engine when looking at it, definitely louder while driving it. I'll have the garage to have a look.

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