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Ford c-max titanium automatic camera

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Does anyone know where the fuse location is for the back reversing camera on a c-max titanium automatic 2009 and which number not showing in the book wires also I brought a new camera for the car but look at the camera it just as one wire but look at the camera in car it as two wires will this work before I remove old camera?


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There is no fuse for the Ford factory fitted reverse camera, it is controlled and powered by the BCM which electronically protects it.

You cant replace the original factory fitted camera with an aftermarket camera they use different video signals.

How do you know it is the camera at fault ? Have you used FORScan to check for any Ford specific DTC's which may give the reason that the reverse camera isn't functioning.


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Ok thanks for the info order FORScan to try it the camera I was look at is off a ford site but look at it just got one wire but when I look inside car it show two wires on the camera 


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That's a lot of money to be spending for a new camera when you don't know for sure that is the problem.

Have you tried scrapyards, vehicle recycling centers, or even eBay if you want to try a replacement camera ?

They are a pain to change as they are riveted on, and have to be drilled out. Then you either have to re-rivet the new camera on or find some other  suitable fixings. From experience I'd start by wriggling the grey connector about will the ignition is on (engine NOT running) and the car in reverse. There is a good chance that the picture will come on, but might not stay on.

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