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Ford edge 2017 problem help


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Good afternoon  , I have a big problem ...

My 2017 ford edge been in the garage for nearly 6 months 3 months at local garage and 2.5 months at ford main dealer... I broke down on the motorway car just cut out so called breakdown out run few tests and said your high pressure pump is broken oh as well you have no coolant at all in your bottle... so that was strange anyway.

Got car toed to local garage that they changed fuel pump no problem but has a bad diesel knock  and cuts out with small inclines hills like its running on 3 cylinders ... car gas done 60,000 miles in the end ask ford dealer to help out so car was taken to local dealer to fix but ... they said they replace everything 4x injectors fuel rail new high pressure pump tank pump sensors etc... at a cost of £3,200 ...

After removing the injectors they found silver stuff on tip of cylinder 2 see pic , my concern is is this engine failure?  Can anyone tell me what this can be or where it has come from is this A failed injector ? Any info on this be greatful  it only appears on cylinder 2  thanks


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