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I ordered new ford edge black. Should i let the dealer detai


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Hi all

am waiting to get my new black ford edge (factory order). Some people advised me to ask the dealer not to detail my vehicle other think its a must.
What do you guys think and why ?!

also considering that i will not be traveling alot with the new car should I PPF the whole car, only the front or non.
Is nano ceramic really important for a black vehicle.



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There's a huge difference between detailing and valeting.

If the dealer has access to a detailer who will complete the work to a high standard, then yes, that would be ideal.  Fallout remover (removes any metal contamination from factory and road/rail travel).  Paint correction for any imperfections.  Light mop over the whole car.  Then apply a long lasting ceramic coating to the paintwork and wheels.  I'm not a fan of PPF myself, but that's up to you.

If the dealer is just going to run a gritty sponge over it and then wipe some SupaGard over the car...don't let them do it.  Will cost you a lot more to have it sorted out after that.  The piano black plastics on my brand new Focus were ruined by the dealership valeter.

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