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Charging Gremlin/Fault


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Morning All,

Looking to see if anyone has had the same experience on here.

I've a Kuga PHEV, and as I change my company fleet to PHEV's I'm installing more charge ports.

These charge ports are manufactured by ABB 7.5kW units (my companies technical supplier) and installed by my fully qualified electrical engineers.

On charging my car my ABB APP tells me all is good and the car is getting the juice, my Ford Pass APP also confirms this.

On alert from Ford Pass that charging is complete I'll pop out and disconnect, once I press the padlock button and pull out the charge cable my charge port on the Kuga flashes Red/Orange indicating a fault, if i push the connector back in, let it lock then press unlock the fault will not appear again.

Sometimes my Ford Pass APP will also indicate a charging fault, and my digital dash will say "Charging Station Fault".

I've had our chargers checked and gone through the manufacturers approved maintenance, all are in good health.

My car is just back from the Stealers (replacement passanger seat, under warranty on a 4 month old car) they completed a full car health check and found no issues....

I'd leavie this just as a strange annomoly as the car gets its power and i run 95% of the time in full EV electric mode.

Stangely though... it happens to my colleague who also runs a Kuga PHEV but not on the ID3, Tesla, Niro, Tucson etc that all use our ports...

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15 minutes ago, SMaxedDavid said:

Stangely though... it happens to my colleague who also runs a Kuga PHEV but not on the ID3, Tesla, Niro, Tucson etc that all use our ports...

You could try reporting it to Ford, to see if they know of any issues with these chargers, but I guarantee they won't be interested

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There seems to be a number of forum users with Kuga's having charging issues. Most seem to have the problem that if they leave it connected after charging is complete it then drains the vehicles normal 12V battery or if they disconnect it from charging and then don't use the vehicle straight away, again the regular battery goes flat. I'm sure I've read other issues regarding the Kuga's charging and sadly in most cases the Ford dealer was unable to remedy the fault.

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Thanks for your input guys, much appreciated.

Thankfully i'm not experiencing any 12V battery drain, I tend to leave mine plugged in from 7am-12pm at work as i can't get out to unplug.

Only had the car since May, thankfully it's all under Ford warranty and a company car so if it should break I'm greatful I don't have that financial stress to deal with.

Other than that really happy with the car, wish i had my old S-Max seats though, more support for the lower back and waist.



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