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Rattling/squeaking sound when idle


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Hi everyone,

Me again… 😂

Just asking for a bit of advice - I’m hearing a high-pitched rattle when my 2018 1.5l Diesel is idling. I was thinking it may perhaps be the heat shield but I’m not too sure.

The car is being taken to a Ford garage next month, as it is due a service. Any thoughts on what it could be? I’m really hoping it’s not a belt issue. I have taken a video of the noise however I can’t add it to the forum. 

Cheers in advance 👍

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You can upload the video to Youtube (or any video site) and link it across to here.

It does sound like a bearing from your description though - potentially a belt tensioner or alternator bearing etc.

Have you got any history of the cambelt being replaced?  I seem to remember the mileage is over 100k on this one?

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