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Keyless fob won't lock/unlock car, now car won't start...


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I have an ongoing issue with my Ford C Max (2011).

For some time a warning has appeared on the dashboard advising to change the battery in the key fob. We have done this, many times and still the warning appears when we enter the car. More recently we've had issues locking and unlocking the car and have had to resort to taking the metal key out of the fob and using it to unlock/lock it manually - even with a brand new battery in the fob. Now we are having issues starting the car. When pressing the start button, to start the engine, nothing happens. The battery is less than five years old and we've checked it - no issues with it.

Any ideas what the issue could be?


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Could be that you just simply keep buying cheap batteries.

Buy Energizers, NOT from eBay.

Could be the common Instrument Cluster solder issue, or

Failing that, the keyless receiver in the GEM is/has going down

Exact spec of locking system please

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