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Ford Ka+/Figo Hazard switch panel


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Hello everyone,


AYP here from India. I own a Figo 2017 1.5 diesel. I am looking to order a 7 inch frame for my car so that I can install a dual din system. However, the frame which is there in stock with the seller has a bigger hazard switch panel(check the photos). I am uploading the pics of the switch in my car, the switch as present in the Ka+ and the frame which is being offered to me. As you can see, the switch panel in the Ka+ houses 3 switches as compared to a single switch in the Figo. My queries-


1. Where can I source the highlighted panel from? I have uploaded 4 pics highlighting the part/panel which I require. 3 are from the lower variants if the Ka+ whereas 1 is from a lower variant Ecosport. I think any of these shall fit. I have also uploaded the pic of my car's centre console and the frame which is being offered to me.


2. Do you think that the hazard switch panel will be a straight fit for my car? Of course my car will lack the connectors for the other switches on the side but the connector for Hazard button would be identical?


3. Anyone upgraded the basic stereo in their cars to something like Sync3? Is it plug & play if we are able to source the Sync3 system?




002 Dashboard.jpg






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