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2000 Mondeo HE Electrical Goblins BCM or Crank Sensor?

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My Mondeo (2000 Ford Mondeo HE Verona) has some issues, they are as follows:

1) Random activation of central locking. (This one is the only issue that throws out an error code)

2) Speedo drops out along with odometer randomly.

3) Stereo used to turn off all the time and now loses volume when the Speedo drops out.

4) Fog light comes on when using indicators and brakes and stays on when headlights are in use. This model doesn't have fog lights.

5) Indicators blink super fast when brakes are applied.

6) When in no Speedo mode it is prone to stalling when in neutral. In traffic no less, I lose everything including power steering.

Now I've read threads that said BCM was the issue when the wiper jets get a leak and it corrodes the contacts and I've read that it could be the crank sensor. I cannot find any information as to where the hell the crank sensor is and even tried to find it on a Mondeo in a wrecking yard and myself and my father who used to be a mechanic couldn't find the *****.


Any info would be appreciated.

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Item 5 sounds like a bad earth connection on the rear cluster. 

Is yours a mk3 early 2000 model, or a very late Mk2 Mondeo...? (look at the pics to help you identify...) 


The BCM on the mk3 is called the GEM (General Electronics Module) 

Doubt there's anything wrong with the crank sensor... engine simply wouldn't run if there was anything the matter with it! 


Central locking with a mind of it's own is often driver's door lock module* - try to source a replacement as is impossible to service them. 

*on the mk3 anyway*

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2.0 blacktop crank sensor location




However, I doubt the crank sensor is at fault.  These still used a mechanical speedo drive on the gearbox (above the diff) and I suspect it's that that's broken.

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