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Rear View Mirror


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Hi All

New to the site, Proud owner of a Focus 1.8 TDCI, but my question is my Daughter has a KA and her rear view mirror fell off about a month ago, she has been to Autoglass on 3 occasions since, the last one being 3 days ago, I went to move her car this morning and once again the mirror is lying on the floor, has anyone got a solution to this as my daughter and myself are now fed up of ways of trying to get the mirror to stay in place, I found something called Gorilla Glue on the internet but this seems to be available in the USA and limited sources in the UK where people swear by it. Many thanks in advance


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try fords for the sticky pad

it's the best place to go or try your local car glass fitters (autoglass)

use some isopropranol to clean the glass 1st then apply the pad etc

isopropranol is the stuff you clean cd disk's with

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