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Streetka Tyre Wear

steve 51

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Hi my partner has a 2005 Streetka, in June it needed both track control arms replaced for its mot the tracking was checked at this time but in just 3 months both front tyre have worn to the canvas on the inside edges.The tyres were replaced the tracking was off the scale but after adjustment the steering seems a lot better but it still feels like the car is tramlining slightly. Could the garage have fitted Ka track control arms by mistake or are they the same for both car types,if they are different how would you know and what is it like to replace these yourself.

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not sure if the ka rods are diffrent from the street ka

i doubt it but there is a diffrence from the power steering ones to the non power steering ones

perhaps that's the problem ?

i would stay well clear of the garage in the future

post up the garage name & addy so we can keep well away

you should be able to claim against them if incorrect fitting m8

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