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Few Mondeo ?


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Ok im new here so hello to all,

i have a few questions about my car (2002 mk3 2.0l Mondeo) i seem to have problems sometimes engaging first gear it seams very hard but if i depress the clutch a few times its ok or try a little force, also the bite on the clutch has went from being at the lift of the clutch to having to raise it a bit before it does bite, there is no slip or judder and it drives fine through the rest of the gears, could this be a new clutch job and slave cylinder or is there more to it.

Also what oil filter is it for the car i have checked Euro car parts and it lists 2 a metal one and a paper type one what one is it lol.

any help or info would be much grateful thank you

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if you have got to pump the clutch it could have air in the system which requires bleeding out,as for the oil filter the best way is to look whats fitted to your car, if its got a plastic housing it will be an paper filter, or it will have the alternate metal filter fitted.

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