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Mk3 Facelift Cd 6000 Bluetooth


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I just bought an 04 1.8 Mondeo Zetec and I love it. It's such a smooth ride compared to my old sup'd up vectra!

Once thing I do miss from my old car is my CD player with integrated bluetooth phone kit. I'd had it in all my cars for the past 5 years or so.

I don't want to remove the CD 6000 from my Mondeo, but I do want a bluetooth kit in there which will be integrated with the stereo and which will automatically pick up my HTC Desire.

Is it easy to have bluetooth added to the current system? Does it cost much? How much roughly would I be looking at? Are there any alternatives which I could sort myself?

I am also looking to make a Carputer. Is the CD 6000 just a standard double din but with a face on it to blend in with the rest of the dash? This is a few years away yet, but something I'm currently looking into. The bluetooth however, I'm looking to sort out pretty soon as I hate people who talk on their phone and drive. I don't want to become one of them and I certainly don't want to miss important calls.


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Had same issue, spoke to my local main dealer and yes it can be done but at a cost! £850 I was quoted installed by them, parts alone was £500+ as you need the voice control, and new stalk, control box, bluetooth module wiring harness and something needs reprogramming to tell the car it's there. So I chose a parrot mki9200 much cheaper option. Hope this helps.

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