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Engine Light


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I didn't expect to be posting a question so soon after joining this forum, however, last night after having driven about 2 miles from home (temperature guage showing normal) the engine light came on. Orange light on top right hand side of dashboard - didn't flash or flicker, it just came on. I didn't hear or feel anything different about the engine - it was pulling as normal (no hesitation, etc).

Grateful for any suggestions about (1) what caused it and (2) can I check for myself what it means? The handbook just states 'engine malfunction.' Some years ago I had a Toyota Carina E and the engine light coming on indicated a fault in the O2 sensor - could this be the same?

My car is a 2001 registered 1.8 Zetec with a Duratec HE engine and 152,000 miles showing.

Many thanks


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