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Please Help!! Drive Shaft Broken???


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Hi all:

I am back once again...

I had a wheel squeal recently and eventually got to the garage and had it checked, thought it was the wheel bearing thats acting up, but NO!...

The garage said all wheel are fine and no movement with them, but when they asked to have a small drive to hear the squeal, they told me it was the

drive shaft thats acting up, they said that the left front side drive shaft or half shaft was loose and scratching and had to be changed.

I went to the garage hoping to just spend around 100 or less for the wheel bearings, but when they said it was the drive shaft to be changed, they quoted me with a 445 quid including labour!!!!!

My question is.... is it common for the drive shaft to break and had to be changed at 95000 miles on the clock? and also 450 quid....is it a fair price?

I am no car expert guys, i just want my car to drive fine and no weird things acting up.


Thank you guys


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Thanks for the reply, i was worried too with the price and the diagnose that they did...i will get it to another garage soon.

But do you think the front drive shaft wouldn't just break so easily or needed to be changed so quickly?

Thank You


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so they inspected the car, found no movement and then diagnose a broken drive shaft from a test drive :o get to another garage, i reckon it could be a bearing or a cv joint.

As Said, "it could be a bearing or a cv joint", if you were a bit closer I'd sort it for you.

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