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Need Urgent Help With Ka


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Hi people, got a v reg 2000 ka, had oil filter changed, and 5w/30 oil put in it, new spark plugs Bosch plus 46, and new filter (all parts recommended and sold by halfords),done all tht, car has 58k on the clock, start it up, and it appears to be over revving, starts off like someone is putting thoir foot on and off accelerator, then after awhile goes to a constant overrev, its makes alot of noise when braking, and is pulling with no foot on the accelerator, and feels like it jutters when the cluct is depressed, need a answer asap, as it getting to me now

is it a possible tps issue i am suffering, all tips and input greatly recieved

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if the car was ok before the service,something must of been changed when the work was carried out, check that all of the plugs for the sensors are good and sound as one might have got knocked when the work was done.

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Hi Kakashi

there was a fault identified with the thottle position wiring harness connector.(bad connection)

may be worth having a look. as mintalkin says it could have been knocked during the service you did.


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