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Poor Consumption & Power Loss!!....


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My girlfriend has an 04 plate StreetKA and we have never had a problem with it!

It has just been recently serviced by Ford and no problems were reported, however, ever since we have had it I have thought the fuel consumption was quite poor even on a run??

Sometimes a journey can use half a tank, whereas other times the same journey may only use a quarter of a tank???

The car also seems to be very sluggish, like its towing something and in my opinion has lost power, the engine has always ran a bit eradic and spluttery as has the exhaust note???

Any ideas??

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Turns the first o2 sensor had gone!

Fuel consumption much better now - a big difference but the car is still quite poor in terms of low end acceleration and idle!

It starts fine, yet when it idles it is not smooth at all, spits and pops and the acceleration seems very jerky!

Its just had a major service at Ford and they replaces plugs leads etc......

Any ideas??

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