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1998 Ford Mondeo Central Locking Issue


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Hi all. First of all I'm new here and secondly, I don't own a Ford my self, but both my parents do.

My mums R-reg 1998 Ford Mondeo has been having locking issues over the past few months and to avoid the garage bills I thought I'd ask for help.

About 6 months ago the car decided it didn't want to open from the drivers door but would lock on the drivers door. Until recently, the end of last month it decided it didn't want to lock on the drivers door and occasionally doesn't lock the back left door.

What could be the problem?


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Hi - I found a similar problem with my S reg Mondeo in that driver's door would only lock both driver sdie doors and boot but passenger door would lock 3 + boot but not rear passenger door. Did some basic eleictrical tests on wiring to rear passenger door and concluded it was the lock mechanism itself - nipped down to my locla breakers and got a lock for £10 - rear passenger door now working fine although I still have the problem of the driver's door only only opening all but the passenger front. Remote won't open all 4 either, keeps missing the passenger front.

So, the rear passneger might jsut need a 'new' lock mechanism as for the rest, who knows??

Hope this helps a bit.


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