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Streetka 1.6 2003 Alarm Problem


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Hello all,

New member here :)

The other day when I unlocked my car using the key fob, the alarm went off with the usual flashing lights, but it didn't sound right, it was very muffled and quiet. After a while the siren stopped, but the lights continued to flash, making it impossible to use the indicators. Eventually my Dad disconnected the car battery, then reconnected it, in the hope this would reset the whole system. It didn't, but it did reduce the flashing lights to just a flicker, as if it was using just the internal battery in the alarm module. I could also now use the indicators. The alarm module continued to tick away in the boot.

My dad then unplugged the alarm module in the boot, and reconnected it, this stopped the ticking and lights flashing, and all seemed to be ok, but there is still no siren sound when you set the alarm off, just the flashing lights.

Can anyone shed some light on this, could it be the battery in the module failing, and can you buy this on it's own? How much does the whole module cost?( It's not the one with central locking included in the unit, it's just the alarm).

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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