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I crashed my ford ka the other day and need a new:

- cross member

- offside chassis

- offside engine mount

- offside headlight

- offside bumper(over wheel arch)

Basically, I need to know where I can get cheap parts to fix the car


I want to sell the car for £400 ONO

It has a brand new clutch that was bought in December and new nearside wishbone if it was wanted to sell on as parts.

Let me know, thanks:)

Email: leonie1.x@hotmail.co.uk

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not a particularly helpful reply, but you'll get them cheapest from a scrapyard, or searching each part on eBay sometimes gives good results. healight cost me abotu 20quid including postage from eBay i think

i got everythign else for my crashed one off the scrappy, & mines real good coz they remove em all for you, and you get to see what needs doing to remove/replace the parts.

final piece of bad news is that mine had less damage than yours & I paid 175 for it, trailered to my garage. unless its a fairly high spec one, i dont think you'll get £400 for it. out of curiosity, what year, colour & spec level is it? and has it got alloys? i might be persuaded to make you an offer...

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