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Play in Steering Rod


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Hi Everyone,

Please could someone give me some advise. My wife has a 2004 (04) Sport KA. It has recently failed it's MOT on play in the steering rack. When I removed the steering rack gatter the play is in the ball joint of the steering arm rack end (not the track rod end).

My question is how the hell does it disconect from the rack? I have tried undoing it with grips and cant get it to shift.

Local ford dealers want £120 + VAT labour plus £80 + VAT for the rod.

Any advice will be greatly appriciated.

Thank You


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My mechanic mate said you just have to use a big big pair of grips. Easiest way.

Thank you for the quick reply, I was wondering if stilsons would do the trick but was concerned about damaging it. Do you know if it is RH or LH Thread? It is on the Offside.

Thanks Again


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I have same problem on my KA

ford have quoted £45.00 for the tie rod kit .

Did you repair yours with the rack still on the car or did you remove it first

If rack has to come off how easy to do

( I haven,t worked on the KA yet as it is new to me )

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Ok i have completed the replacement and it is not to bad to do

I had to change the offside tie rod . part number is 4048739 price £39.26 inc vat

I removed the complete offside lower suspension arm and support bracket in one piece .

remove steering track rod end from hub.

Remove rack gaiter clips to get at inner end of rack .

Then using a self grip plumbers wrench undid the tie rod .

This was quite hard to release : I therefore poured a kettle of boiling water over the rack end and left for 5 mins to expand a little . That did the trick and the rest was easy

hope this helps anyone else

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