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Mk4 57 Plate Edge Fog Lights Wireing


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Hi Guys,

I'm looking at fitting fog lights to my 57 plate Edge. I have a switch from a titanium already but was wondering how much wireing is in place? And what will I need to get apart from the lights.

I have seen a pair for £50 each on eBay or £60 each local scrappy! Any advice gladly received.

Thanks in advance


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it seems about the going rate.when it comes to wiring not sure whether or not like the mkiii there is a jumper lead that may or may not be inside the bumper. surprising how much these lamps cost secon hand until u realise how much ford charge new!

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Result! Just found a place on eBay that sells New ford original fog lights for £99 +£7 p&p that's for both lamps!!! Ford price is £89 just for one side! This also comes with bulbs and holder!!!

So is there anything else I need? And do I need to have the car plugged into a computer to get lights activated? I have the switch already installed.

Thanks in advance

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Fog lights are fitted wires are all there clipped to bumper at the back of fog light housings. Held in place by a overly designed blank plug! Dash switch from a Titanium fitted and gives me a added bonus of a dimmer and semi auto lights (ie if I use auto lights position my headlights come on and off with ignition) light switch also looks nicer with silver trim.

Now all that's left is to pop her to Frauds to have then tell her she has fog lights. That's happening Friday when they are reprogramming my keys!

Cost Breakdown:-

Pair of Fog Lights. £109 Inc Postage eBay (New)

Light Switch £ 25 Inc Postage eBay (Used)


Programming £0.00 ford doing for free due to me

Paying £50 for them to re-

Program my keys!!!!

Total cost:- £134

Not too bad.

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