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Look nice on Audi's but I think the Mondi ones are just jumping in the band wagon and don't look right! Just my opinion! Ford should of redesigned front bumper rather than cut two slots and hey presto! Saying that maybe I'm just jealous I aint got any lol

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Without looking at the new style bumper i cant offer much light, but i'd look to obtaining the bumper as cutting out the holes and getting it exact will be a pro job. So unless your skilled in this area the bumper option would be best but costly! But there is also the possibility it wont fit too!!! So what i would do and i am considering it is to use some of the LED strips now quite cheap, plus flexable strips can be bent round the headlight for the audi look! There is a mondi round Banbury with this style and it looks nice. The chap only paid £40 for this too! Next time i see him i'll take some pics and post up.

As for putting them inside the headlamps, i'm sure they will fit with time and care can be made to look like a factory fit. As i said above i'll get the details next time i have a chat with the guy and post all the info supplier ect

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