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john R

Cvt Trans Fluid

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I've got a 2005 C-max, 1.6D CVT. I was planning to change the CVT fluid. Does anyone know of a correct alternative fluid other than the Ford product? I want to use the coorect fluid, but if there is one at a more reasonable price it would be appreciated.

Thanks for any help or advice.


John R.

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Hello John,

There are two aftermarket products that I know of;

1) Fuchs Titan ATF CVT, used by a person who has been in touch with me.

2) AutomaticChoice LubeGard CVT, which I have used.

Both appear to do the job perfectly well, I have done about 3000 miles since I changed the oil and have had no problems. Don't forget to change the filter within the gearbox as well while your doing the job. Check prices of components and fluid, as the price of the LubeGard seems to have shot up in the last few months.

Good luck and feel free to ask questions if you wish. If you do have a go, lets us know how you got on and what you found.


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Hi, Pavillion,

Thanks for your information.

In the end I decided to use the ford fluid as you are not able to remove all the existing fluid, I felt it was better not to mix them. However, making sure you got the correct fluid even from a Ford Dealer was not the easies thing, the first dealer sold me some "normal" ATF but was confident it was correct, it was not!!

But in the end I did get the correct fluid Part No 1699670 spec M2C928-A at approx £20 a lt!!!! liquid gold!! So if anyone else is planning to do this, insist that the spec is the correct one!!

I did replace the filter in the sump, and checked the wiring and connections within the sump area too, all looked good! I also drained the fluid through a filter and found NO large deposits.

Fairly straight forward job, I used a syringe to refill the fluid, it took awhile but worked well.

The car has a very intermittent problem.

Under normal driving the car and trans works well. However, when coming to a stand still, very intermittently, the transmission malfunction warning comes up on the dash, with a hash gear selection if you try to drive away, also with the gear selector goes stiffer! if you try to select reverse, the movement is stiffer! However, by turning off the engine and restarting the fault message is deleted and the trans work correctly.

There are no factors I can see that triggers this, Temp, weather condition, speed, duration of journey, etc!

There were 3 fault codes set in the control unit, P0701, trans control system range /performance. P0961 Pressure control Solenoid A control circuit. P0871 Trans fluid pressure sensor/switch.

The way the car reacts when the codes are set, indicates the system going in to "limp" mode. So the "fault" could only last a few milliseconds, but it's the Limp mode is what you experience!

But exactly what is setting the code is still a mystery.

If anyone has experienced the same fault, with the same codes, and found the cause, I would appreciate the feedback.

As I have not found a solution, this may not be help much.

But hopefully a solition is out there somewhere?


John R

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