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Ford Mondeo 4 1.8 Ltr Oil Level


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I just had my car serviced oil /oilfilter/ fuelfilter/air filter and cabin filter changed ..

The engine oil was changed along with the oil filter ...with my past records I had I saw ford service station charged me for 4.5 ltr of oil change .. 3 years in a row ...When I changed my oil the mechanic poured 4.5 ltr as he saw but was still not sufficent so he went on to add more untill he added a another 350ml more ..

the level of oil at that time was exactly between the max and min level and he said its fine

After 2 days i checked the oil level and it happens to be the level of oil has just gone up but still not crossing the max level .....so it was exactly in the centre of min and max now its only 20% away from the max ...

The car is running smoothly and no issues so far .....

Should I be worried that I have more engine oil and will cause damage to my engine and oil seals ..or just watch the level if it does'nt rise above the max level ...

suggestions and thoughts would be appreciated

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