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Stiff Lock Or Worn Key??


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Hi everyone,

Im new to the forum and thought Id seee if anyone could offer me some advice before I take my X reg Ka2 to a garage.

Basically, the central locking works fine if I use the key on the passenger side to unlock the car - both doors open no probs. But I cant use the same key to unlock the car from the drivers side...Im finding that the key, although goes into the lock easily, does not turn without some force.

Is this because the key is wearing down or because the lock is faulty??

Any advice would be gratefully received!

Many thanks


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Dont use grafite on your car locks, use a silicon based lub.

We're a locksmith shop in benfleet and supply car keys and repair locks.

Alot of KA's dont have remote central locking so the drivers door lock tends to wear. You could try a new key but chances are the lock is worn.

Just buy a none chipped key, £6-£8. You could be lucky.

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Sounds to me like the lock might just need lubricating. the thing with the ford "tibbe" type locks is when the key wears the lock almost wears with it. A new key will work, but more than likely be just as stiff as the first one.

As Ponsaloti says, don't use graphite, it'll gum up the lock even more.... Personally, I would use WD40 then if it frees the lock up, some silicon lube to keep it free.

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