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Hello All Please Give Me A Clue As To What Is Going On.

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Hi all im new to the forum and would like to introduce myself and say hi my name is David hope all are well with you all. Now the problem is i know a bit about petrol cars but never had a diesel before i bought a van last week and got it for a good price, however when i got it home and the battery went flat so i put a new alternator now seems to be working however, the battery light is flickering on tickover but goes out when revving i had it checked and they said it was fine just a over sensitive sensor. Now the main problem i have the van is that it don't won't to start with cold, ive check the glow plugs and seen to be ok i put a 12v light on the glow plugs and no powell with the ignition and the coil light is on, but when it does start the glow plugs come on are working for about a 60 sec or so. any ideas? Please help

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the glow plugs should come on with the ignition so that they pre heat the clynders before starting when cold, you should turn on the ignition,wait for the light to go out and then it should start, it sound like you could have a glow plug power problem which might be the relay playing up.

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Hi thanks for the reply the glow pulgs seem to be be comeing on now with ignition but, i think there is not the right power to heat fully so need to check amp reading. I said about the battery light i remove a relay form the R4 slot witch does not seem do any thing and the the light went off and this relay was also clicking like mad sometimes when turning of engine.and i was thinking that this was causing some of the problems. I hope.

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