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Hi All,

Newbie here just wondering for a few answers if possible.

My girlfriend has a Ford Ka R reg which we bought a few months ago for just under £500.

The car had no recent Service History and was going cheap because of that but as it was a 1st car for her so took a risk.

The problem I have now is I am moving to a new job in my company whihc doesnt require field work so I will be giving my comapny car back. This means we are soon to be down to one car in the household and I am a bit worried about the few problems the car has now that we havent got a backup car if the Ka fails.

Listed below are the few problems so wondered if anyone couldhelp me on whether it is worth repairing these issues. On top of everything I currently cannot afford to even get myself a cheap run arouns so the choices are limited.

Exhaust blowing - For the last month the exhaust has been blowing and I am worried it could fall off at any minute. Other than that the noise doesnt bother me. Should this be something I could risk leaving.

Squeaking from engine - I think the alternater belt is squeaking and I am not sure if it is the belt or alternater. The battery light did come on a few weeks ago for a few days on and off and now has dissapeared. Should I be sorting this.

Oil Light - The oil light comes on about every 6 weeks and have to top up again. I have checked around car after being stationery and cant see any leaks. I am worried this could be something wrong with the engine.

Any advice much appreciated as I am wondering is it worth spending a couple of hundred on it to keep it running as I cant really afford to spend maybe 6/700+ on a decent car.

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Hi there, I am also a newbie here but I thought id try and make my first post a helpful one.

Your exhaust I would personally get fixed as if the manifold splits it will leak gas into the cabin (not good)

Engine wise if your sure its the altenator and have breakdown cover leave it until it breaks or pick up a scrap one.

Oil light - try draining the oil use some flushing oil then replace the filter and oil with good quality i.e Castrol magnatec then see what happens if it still appears replace the oil level switch £12 ish failing that disconnect the light and check your levels weekley.

Hope this helps some.


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Cheers for that,

My GF does have breakdown cover.

With the Exhaust and the Squeaking I kind of figured that it was obvious what it was so if I take it to the garage and they are not con artists and honest then hopefully wouldnt cost me too much to fix.

My problem is the Oil light as the various things it could be could hike the repair price up I suppose

Do you know what the price of a full new exhaust incase it was that and worse case scenario.

Also with the squeaking if it was the actual alternator what sort of price would I be lookng at

Thanks again

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No worries pal glad I can be of some help.

to repair the exhaust and the squeaking at a garage you are looking at a ball park figure of £20 for fault finding (even though you know what it is) new alternator and exhaust supply and fit ~£400 ish thats at an approximate labour cost of £50 per hour which is dirt cheap these days.

My advice is only replace the part of the exhaust you need to. turn the car on and place your hand over the exhaust pipe and get a friend to list and trace where the blowing is coming from (dont hold it on to long as you with either sufforcate the engine or burn you hand which hurts lol) a brand new exhaust with warranty in the right place will set you back £90 inc vat but id always steer towards scrap yards and second hand as you will never get your money back especially on a ka.

The alternator brand new again around the £70 mark but scrap/second hand your looking at no more than £15

As for the oil light apart from what i advised earlier try something called "stop leak" it has tiny particles in it which will plug any small hole straight away. I have a feeling that its a faulty switch though after some thought. The light comes on when there is a loss of pressure in the oil system so a good flush out will do it some good as well. Make sure you get the right viscosity though (i think its 10w40) otherwise bye bye engine lol

Hope this helps


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Cheers mate,

Suppose the problem I have with that is if I was to spend say £200 quid getting it in shape I wouldnt mind but seen as the car only cost £500 I am a bit against spending nearly the cost of the car again in repairing it.

The new MOT on it is due in July so looking to get it to then as don't think it will pass its MOT and can save and get a new car by then

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Well the exhaust is easy to fit so you could do it yourself its just a matter of a few bolts whichever part you remove. if you find out the right area and are prepared to get your hands dirty then it should be about £50 total to fix. Try ebay for your parts.

Buy a mondeo when you get a new car lol

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it does not sound like the altinator it sounds like the belt slipping to me.

i would change the belt around £30.00 to have it done.

the exhaust will be £90.00 for the full system or there abouts... i would get that done 1st.

take it to a small old fashioned type garage as they usually honest unlike fords kwikfit etc.

i would defo do a oil change & all filters & when filling her up with new oil add a bottle of tappet additive

to it as it will stop the pinking noise f& keep the tappets from pinking.

keep us updated m8

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Hi, I had the whole exhaust system and CAT replaced on my 05 KA last week, cost £420 from my usual garage who were kind enough to not charge for their labour. Before seeing them I'd popped into Halfords Autocentre (used to be Nationwide) all I can say is avoid at all costs. They were asking for around £650 PLUS labour to sort it out, maybe taking advantage of me being a young girl? I'd definately recommend going to a reputable, traditional garage where you might have to book a few days in advance but know they'll do the job properly.

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