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Hello 2 1+ALL

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Hello 1+ALL,

I am John, 30 from Dublin in Ireland, Just bought a my first Ford the other day, Fiesta 1997 Endura/encore 1.3 in red, 3 door, and i have to say, its' my fourth car i previously had a renault clio(semi-auto) what a joke, then an almera, loved it but was wrote off by some !Removed!, then about a month ago i bought a mazda 323 off this guy, dunno how it didn't explode, it was steaming hot other day and i pulled into a garage, (the temp gauge was as high as possible) and opened the hood to all sorts of hissing and smoke, i was told to top up the rad wit water and try get it home(back to were i bought it is were i went, when the guy said top it up with water, he and i were under the impression there was already water in there, it was empty, must have been surviving on the cooland bought the day i got it, anyway, they knew they sold me a lemon s(it ws only 700, but you get surprisingly decent cars in dublin for around the grand mark at the minute,) anyway, he had the fiesta for 995, and i gave hime back his crappy mazda and 200 euro and he gave me the Ford, which was five years younger than the mazda, with only 67,000 miles on it, nct'd till jan 2010,anyway i think i am very happy with my purchase so far, spent today cleaning it and ckecking oil coolant bat brake fluid power steer fluid levels etc, all looks good touch wood.

So thats me, and my very long and rambling introduction, (i do tend to let my fingers run away with themselves, sorry about that)

looking forward to getting to know ya all,

thanks for haveing me,

John :)

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