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Abs Light

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i have a mkiii 2.0 115 tdci

only when on cold start

i turn on the ignition and wait for the warning lights to all go out

then when i turn the engine over, the ABS light comes on briefly until the engine fires

does anyone know if anything is wrong?

no other wqarning lights behave in this way

is the battery low, causing the abs to do a recheck?

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sorry to refresh this post, but any ideas?

Hi Chris,

I don't think you have too much to worry about as when a problem occurs with the ABS system the light illuminates and stay on. If you turn on the ignition and wait for all the lights to go out the ABS will go through its system check and the light will go out if no faults are reported. When you turn the starter there will be a big drop in voltage, particularly with a cold diesel engine, probably causing the ABS to go through a system check again or even reducing the voltage to a level where the ABS system no longer functions propery and the light illuminates. As soon the engine fires the voltage will return to normal levels and the ABS light will go out indicating that the system is OK.

I doubt that the battery voltage is low if the engine starts OK, it is probably just dropping in response to the high current being drawn by the starter motor turning a cold engine. You can get the battery checked for a small charge at most garages or even free at Halfords if you want to make absolutely sure. Alternatively, if you are still worried, phone your local Ford workshop, I am sure they would be happy to set your mind at rest over the ABS light.

Hope this helps.

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