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Mondeo Tdci 03 Engine & Mot Help.


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I purchased an 04 plate Mondeo 2.0l TDCI 130 from a car auction in Southampton on Thursday night.

The car was a main dealer garage part exchange.

It has done 110k miles and has some service history.

The problems now since it was bought at auction didnt get much time to look around the car, but seems ok but has no MOT.

One of the pipes in the engine bay is split and needs replacing.

I have included a couple of pics so you can see the pipe.

What I am asking is how easy is the pipe to replace yourself where is the best place to get the part and last what should I check on the car before putting it in for an MOT.

The first 2 pics are just the engine bay.

The third pic has the pipe in question.

The last pic there is some oil build up in that area but I assumed this was coming from the pipe in question as quite alot of air is being lost from that pipe.







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the hose that has split is an intake hose into the EGR valve/manifold - im not sure if it has a particular name or not. your local ford dealer might be able to supply if not try www.fordpartsuk.com (they might ask for the pic)

should be easy enough to replace the hose, looks like it is just jubilee clips.

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this is the most common pipe to split on the tdci, its the egr to intercooler hose,with this split the car will missfire at around 1800rpm and belch out black smoke, you will find it expensis at ford but you have no choice as no other company does it. while your replacing the pipe its worth cleaning the egr valve,its a messy job but well worth it,the following link will help.


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