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Hi to all this is my first time in this forum iwas hopeing some one may be able to help i took my car to get it looked at for mot they have said it needs a front exhaust system rear suspension mouldings a new tyre front brake pads £700 does this seem about right or could i perhaps get the parts my self and get it done cheaper anyhelp would be great i have a focus estate 1600 thanks jen

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'front exhaust' by this i would presume the manifold/downpipe which costs about £70-£100 plus fitting, new front tyre about £50, front brake pads will be about £30 plus fitting, but im not sure what you mean by rear suspension mouldings? (my prices are for aftermarket parts - not genuine)

oh, welcome to the forum :)

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Hi thanks for helping i think i mean rear suspension mountings but the help you have given me is great thank you jen

I just assumed your car is a mk1 focus estate?

im not familiar with estates but i cant think of any suspensions mounts on the rear...perhaps they mean bushes? these are cheap but its the labour that kills its. bushes can probably be bought for £30 but the rear subframe/axle assembly has to be removed from the car as far as i know

was it a ford dealer or independent that quoted you for the work?

do you know your serial number and model number of the radio/cd player?

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Hi its the brushes need sorting out ,i have looked at radio and its a rds5000 but im still looking for serial number not sure where it will be jen ;)

to get the serial number you will need to remove the radio. if you can do that then i will get you the code.

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£700 jez thats a lot, where abouts in the uk are you? maybe somebody on here can help out at a fraction of that, as said above regarding your radio code, slide the radio out and get the serial number (which you'd need to do if you went to a ford garage anyway or they'll take the radio out for you at an extra cost) and you'll get the code on here.

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