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Help Needed! Timing Belt Snapped

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Right.. i need some opinions on the head ache ive got just now.

Ive got a 02 plate 2ltr Focus with just over 69k miles and unfortunately it seems the timing belt had either snapped or slipped and obviously caused a fair bit of damage.

The extent of the damage isnt clear at the moment but the garage expects the majority of the valves to be bent etc.

So to repair that, they estimate around £700, mainly for the labour to get it head off, inspect it, and get it all sorted etc.

Just wondering if it would be a better/cheaper idea to try find a good bare engine to replace it?

PS DIY is probably not an option as not very mechanically minded.

Your thoughts/opinions much appreciated,

Thanks :)

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Had that happen on my Brava a couple of years ago so I really feel for you. The best option for me was to get a second hand engine as the valves had shot through and completely knackered the engine! As for mechanically minded my dear beloved and dad did mine with the help of Haynes, neither are very mechanically minded! As for your Focus see what the garage say and try the local scrappies for an engine and hopefully find someone who can fit it for you. Hope this helps and good luck!

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Get the garage to take the head off and assess the damage.

If its only head damage, go to the scrappies and get a head from a same spec car and get it skimmed. Prob £30-50 for skimming. Get a replacement head gasket, and buy a new cambelt kit. Then take all that to the garage and get them to fit it. Shouldn't take them very long.

Damn site cheaper that way

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