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Brakes Have Gone Tight After Handbrake Adjustment?

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I just tightened my handbrake quit alot as it was rolling along when i was parked on hills and now my brake pedal is much tighter than it used to be, is this meant to happen or what?

presumably you just tightened the screw? ideally you need the rear wheels off the ground to do this correctly, as over tightening it will mean the pads/shoes are in contact all the time (sounds like your problem)

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As said above, did you have the rear wheels off the ground to check that the wheels still spin once you ajusted the cable?,

The reason your pedal feels harder is because you have taken the clearance away that the shoes/pads have to travel before they do anything, so answer to your question is yes the will feel pedal harder, on another note, before you adjusted your handbrake cable did you check the shoes/pads for wear?

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