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hello everyone

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hello everyone just joined the site and thought i would introduce my car,i have a ford sierra sapphire 2000e 91 J reg in tasmin blue over silver.

the history behind the car is that back in 2005 we were breaking sierra's as they were worth good money in bits,so one day this guy rang me up and said that he had a sierra 2000e 91 j reg and the head gasket had gone but there was not a spot of rust on it.so i said u little to far to fetch as im in leicester and he was in kent.so the guy said ok then i may as well scrap it,we then decided to give him £30.00 pounds for the car and it get it transported back.when it arrived back at my house it looked like it had just rolled off the showroom,there was no rust on it,no rips or any marks on the leather seats.so we had the headgasket done and it was back on the road again but unforunately we had to sell it and someone from the kent area gave me £850.00 pounds for it.

i was looking on ebay back in febuary and saw that my sierra was back on there with yet another headgasket failure,so rang her up and said i will give u £150.00 for it and get it collected.she said i will need to hurry up as it's running out of tax and the dvla will see it and scrap it.so went down there next day got the car then gave it to me mate had another engine fitted and thats how it is today apart from a few more cracks in the drivers seat.but looking to get them changed.

all this work and the car has only done 68k from new with full service history.

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Hi and welcome to the club.

Quite a story mate. Glad its still on the road as they are getting rarer and rarer evry day.

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