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Engine Warning Light

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Hi, new member here, hoping someone can help me with an issue I have.

I have a Ford Mondeo 2.0L TDCI which has covered 93,000 miles.

I was driving on Good Friday when the Engine Warning light can on and I lost power, this immediately went off and everything was fine. I had done around five miles of a fifteen mile journey and it did not come on again or on the return journey. I was doing around 60mph.

On Easter Sunday I was doing 80mph on the motorway and the same thing happened again, after around thirty miles of my journey, light on foe a second, loss of power, then everything back to normal. I continued the rest of my two hundred and fifty mile journey with no issues?

Does anyone have any idea what is happening? I don't want to put it into the garage unless I need to and I need the car for the rest of the week for work?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


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it could be a sensor that is starting to play up,but which one is impossible to say at the moment,with the high mileage i would think of doing a egr valve clean if it has never been done as it could be gummed up and starting to stick the following link may help if you decide to do it.


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