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Hi Guys, Newbie Here


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Hi folks,

I'll start off with a massive peice of honesty and admit I'm a vauxhall fan, I own a Vectra B saloon which is my show car. I also own a Suzuki swift rally car and untill today a second suzuki swift road car. The missus and myself had a bright idea of getting a couple of puppy labradors and didn't quite think of them getting big. Thus I parted in the road swift to fund a new work horse. Being a Vauxhall person I looked into the vecs and astras but decided that IF i'm going to have an estate, i might as well do it properly... (i've never claimed vauxhalls are better to drive as my honest opinion is ford... but vx's have the power in my opinion)

..So I've baught a 2ltr zetec mondeo on a V reg. I know naff all about fords other than i'm going to die on the vauxhall forums when they find out.

I guess i'm here to learn the arts of "the dark side" so my first question is, what do i do with it? lol. It's in very good nick for it's age and has only just covered 91k miles. Obviously it's going to have dog guards in there but my thoughts are. what tidy, subtle mods are there to do? Also whats best to look out for going wrong? I've checked all the usuals as you do buying a car but i don't know what goes wrong on these things....

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lol i'd like to agree on those counts mate but looks and reliability go to the vectra. deffo ride comfort to the mondy though, top drive. only had it a few days and i've done nearly 150miles, can't stop driving it

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