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Head Gasket ????????????

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hi i have a 1995 mk1 2.5l v6 mondeo. couple of weeks ago it boiled up on the way home from work, i carried on using the car and it ran fine but got hotter than it would normally so i had it in the garage and the answer came back that it failed a "sniff" test which meant that the head gasket has blown, i wasnt convinced with this as the car only boiled up once, and its only done 35000 miles so i got a mate to have a look who had the water pump off ,to reveal taht the plastic impellar had broken up, which obviously caused the overheating, however a couple of weeks later im losing water on journeys, although the car does not overheat and does not run rough or anything.got no mayo in the oil and dosent seem to to have the white exhaust smoke that i would normally associate with the head gasket failing. the only other sign something is wrong is that it dont like starting up. you have to turn it over a few times before it goes. help appreciated cheers

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normally when the v6 head goes u get what they call the tick of death, normally the head gasket goes on the left hand side where it is weak,

as for lose water, check to make sure the pipes are connected up propply, either run the run parked up and look underneith to see if u can any drips dropping on the floor

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