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Old Ford Mondeo Looking To Rise Again

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Hi all,

New to the forums, hoping for some advice.

Just repaired the fuel pump on my old 98 (R reg) Ford Mondeo 1.8 TD. It's been on the drive for a month or so and today I started it and it worked fine. Took it on a test drive and it seemed okay until I tried to indicate. No indicators. I checked the hazard lights and they work fine. I took it home and then found out that turning the key no longer turned the engine over.

The car starts fine when I put a wire straight from the battery to the starter motor and started fine when I took it out earlier. I have to say I don't know about the indicators working or not since it's been on the drive for a while.

Fuses fine, relays fine, power getting to the key point fine.

Any ideas? If it were just not starting then I'd fit a push-to-start button and have done with it but I need indicators since it's not a BMW.

Thanks in advance...


p.s Doesn't start with Red Key either, I don't know if the immobiliser is having a bad day.

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