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Anyone need a 270 LPH Fastroad/race fuel pump for cheap!?

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Hey people, I’m Richard from Driven 2 Automotive. I’ve got new stock of the all new DA-27 270 LPH fuel pump and they are astounding for Fastroad/race applications. If anyone here has ever used a Walbro 255 pump and only got around 210 LPH, our pump will deliver a minimum of 225 LPH and max of 270 LPH @ 6-7 bar Operation Pressure. A single DA-27 pump will support up to 650-700 BHP on forced induction applications and up to 850 BHP on normally aspirated applications. They are also flow much more fuel than the Bosch 044 pump. Our 1034 BHP road legal supra is easily powered by 2 of the DA-27 fuel pumps. They sell for £125 plus postage on our site but we are doing a special promotion on eBay at the moment whilst our website is under redevelopment, so you can get the same DA-27 270 LPH fuel pump for £54.95 plus postage! We only have 60 left at this price! They can be used for internal and inline use. They also have a built in strainer so you don’t need to mess around with an external one. Each pump comes with a 2 year/ 20,000 mile warranty! Seriously if you are thinking on upgrading your fuel system anytime soon, consider the DA-27 Pump.

The application list includes: Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Ford, Porsche, Jaguar, Audi, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes Benz, TVR, Noble, Dodge, Acura, Chevrolet, Honda, VW, Mazda, Alfa Romeo, Land Rover and many many more!

Here is the link to our store on eBay, any questions you may have please ask via eBay for a faster response:


Best regards and thanks for looking


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