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P0047 Fault

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Hi All, hoping for a little help please. My 53 plate Cmax tdci, went into Limp mode last week. Ive taken it to a garage who put it on the diagnostics machine and it came up with a P0047 fault - turbo/supercharger boost control solenoid circuit low. The guy has replaced the turbo boost solenoid but the problem still persists and when back on the diagnostics machine it is still saying a P0047 fault and the car is still in limp mode. He has taken it to another garage to put on their machine and that is saying the same problem.

It is booked in at a expert diagnostics company on thursday but the initial fee is £70 before they even start looking further into the engine. Before it gets there I would like to see if anyone has any ideas what else this problem could be.

There is no oil leak or smoke coming from the exhaust (except the normal smoke from a diesel), no unusual noise coming from the engine either.

Any ideas anyone???? :)


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in 2003 ford started fitting variable vane turbos to the c max,if your car has one of these fitted check to see if the vanes are sticking by operating the actuator arm manually,you will have to disconnect the arm from the actuator to do this,if the vanes become clogged with carbon deposits and start to get sticky it can often throw up the fault code your getting.

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agree with mintalkin, also these suffer from wiring loom rubbing through around gearbox. using a multimeter disconnect plug and with ignition on check you are getting 12 volts to solenoid. if not come back and ill advise you of next step. £70 for non dealer is too much. you may as well give another £10 to ford at least they will use proper tool and should update ecu while its there. let us know how you get on, thanks steve

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