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Photoshop Wanted Please


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Hey guys, can somebody be very kind and do a photoshop for me please :D

I'm wanting some Black Cosworth wheels on my Fiesta but im in two minds do i go for them or not. So if somebody could put black cosworth wheels on my car that will be very helpfull before i start spending :P

Can you do two photoshops too one with a blue pin lip around the wheels and one without the blue lip, same colour as the car if possible. Plus can you have the lowered so it looks like its on the H&R Springs (50mm drop)




Many thanks Rhys

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I would be happy to do it, but come on do I have to search around for the wheels too :o post up a picture then at least we will know which Cosworth wheels you mean

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Hey mate, thanks for taking the offer on. Can't find a decent picture with black cowworth wheels on a car. So iv found some silver cosworth wheels a fiesta the same wheels what im wanting. So if possible can you turn the wheels black or is that not possible?


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This look ok for you… :)


And one with the blue line around the wheels (which I think would look rather smart) B)


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Cheers bud, gives me a idea now that dose. Think i Shell be spending some £££'s very soon :P Just need to do some more building work but the !Removed! rain won't stop :angry: lol

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