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Two Things...complete Oil And Filter Change & Odd Noises

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Don't wish to sound thick but this car is the first diesel I've ever owned and I've just got a couple of questions to ask regarding doing an oil change.

I haven't changed the oil since I bought it a few months back which is normally the first thing I do, I've just had a lot on my plate recently and that went in the box with the rest.

I need to do an oil change. Is the procedure the same as with a petrol? i.e warm engine, drop oil from sump, remove filter, fit new filter and sump washer/plug, and refill with new oil...

If this is the case then fine, but can anyone tell me what the capacities are and what oil I should be using just so I know what I need to buy please?

Ok, secondly, I think my 52 plate 2.0 TDCI Ghia X idles too low. When ticking over, it sounds like the engine's rattling and about to cut out, but give it just a touch more revs and it sounds absolutely fine as it should. It also makes a really loud clicking sound when it's idling. Like if I start the car up and stand outside of it, I can hear what sounds like something clicking on and off every 10 seconds or so, and it's pretty loud when it happens. Very clear. Does anyone have any ideas about this?

Cheers chaps and chapettes!


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you will require a 5/30 oil


the mondeo takes 6 LTS of oil and because the filter is a cartridge you may require a 32mm socket(if memory serves right)to loosen the filter housing.

as for the noise it could be an injector thats knocking,without inspection its hard to say.

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Ok, thanks for the oil info.

As for the clicking, rather than a rythmic clicking, it just happens once every few seconds and the running noise of the engine changes before it clicks again after a few more seconds and goes back to what it was.

The clicking sound sounds like a switching sound, just loud.

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Hi sounds like the air con pump clicking in and out if you have the air con/ climate on, try switching it off and i seem to think the oil filter is a 34mm socket required. Hope that helps Dave

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@mintalkin - are you sure the capacity of the engine is 6ltrs? I'm sorry to doubt you but just wanted a second opinion and the following is what I got.

I asked the same question in my local Ford dealership and they told me not to put any more than 4.5ltrs in as that would put me over the max.

I just changed everything this afternoon, changed filter and sump plug, and put 4.5ltrs of 5w30 Ford oil in that they recommended, and it didn't even show on the dipstick.

I left it half an hour just in case it takes a while to drain through the engine, but still nothing on the dipstick.

So I added the last .5ltr in on the basis that if that was too much, I would just drain some off.

Just showing on the dipstick!

I'm certainly believing your answer now but I'm finding it hard to conceive that the actual dealership would give me such wrong information. Surely they have all the service books there with the capacities in?

He also sold me a canister type oil filter, even after I challenged him and told him I was under the impression it was a cartridge filter but he was certain that it was a canister filter. Low and behold, you're right again....

Am I missing something here?

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