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Looking For Advice On Connecting An Ipod To An 02 Zetec!


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Hi all,

I am looking for advice on how to (if possible) connect an ipod to the standard audio system whether through audio input or other means!


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Unfortunately the 02 reg didn't have auxiliary in as an option, with the standard ford head unit. So you have two options:

1. get a new head unit with facia adapter and appropriate wiring looms - in which case select one with an aux in on the front panel.

2. keep your ford headunit and get one of these:


It's basically a tiny FM transmitter that plugs into your iPod. You set the frequency on the itrip to an empty one, then tune your car to that empty frequency. Then press play on your ipod and the music comes through the car radio. sound quality isnt wonderful (as good as an FM radio) but it shouldnt be too bad

eBay has some other ones, that should work in a similar fashion.

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You can also buy a cable from eBay which plugs in the cd changer socket on the back of the head unit(check if you have this)

they are about £20 or more if you want it to charge the ipod as well.Im looking in too it myself at the moment.

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