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Focus Tdci 115 (2002) Loss Of Power For Short Time/occasional Hard To Start


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I've been having a few minor issue with my TDCi 115ps 2002 '52 plate with 50k on the clock and i'll try and provide as much detail as possible.

Over the last few weeks i've noticed it is down on power and reluctant to pick up speed when first running from starting (like the turbo isnt coming in properly/fully), this will usually last for the first 5 minutes or so of the journey. This is normally from cold (as i normally just do a 15 miles commute each way in it) but yesterday it happened when it had been used a bit during the day and the temp was up to the normal temp on the gauge (centre or a touch below). Once it is picking up fine i dont have any problems, no loss of power again, no stalling etc

This morning it took about 5-6 attempts to start it and on a couple of occasions the glow plug light was flashing after it failed to start (but its never flashed once the car is started or on any journeys).

Also from cold on some occasions (but not often at all, maybe 4 times in the last month) it has stalled when i tried to pull away, restarts right away and is fine therafter.

I've not noticed any smoke at any time from the exhaust. I dont think (hope not) its the dual mass flywheel, there is no noticeable knocking or anything sounding odd when dipping the clutch.

Is there a good chance this is the cam position sensor at fault? If so is it easy to change and how much should i be paying for one? Should i go to Ford direct for it?

Or maybe throttle sensor or even just glow plugs or battery?

Many thanks for any help.

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Before you go replacing CAM sensors, check your fuel filter. I had similar issues and found that the fuel filter housing was damaged, thus engine kept cutting out...

try that first, then I would go down the route of checking the glowies, if they seem they need replacing do it, if they dont then you could look at the cam sensor. It can be a pain but I would check the basics first of all and go from there. its cheaper and quicker...

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Fuel filter could still develop faults, its always worth taking a look at it, you may see obvious corrosion, or even just reseating it might work.

As for the plugs, I think you need a plug remover, if im not mistaken its sort of like a socket set that you put over, do a few twizzles and that loosens it... you will see if they all look murcky, and dirty, they could do with a clean, you can buy sprays and a wire brush should do the trick, or even a new set...

Confirmed, 8mm and 10mm sockets required.

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Drove to my parents from work tonight (car was cold after being left all day but started fine, commute is 15 mile/30 min) but was sluggish/reluctant to rev for about the first 5 mins again.

Left my parents after about 30 mins for the couple of minutes trip home and it was again unwilling to rev almost like the turbo wasnt coming in, this was with the car pretty much fully up to temp. This is especially noticeable in 3rd at say upper 1000's rpm, 20-25mph. If it dropped it to 2nd and got the revs nearer 3k it was better.

Had a brief look at the fuel filter, it seems in good shape as you'd expect for it being not so old and the hoses seem attached fine. Checked over the boost hoses from the intercooler and cant see any splits or anything obvious.

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Sounds like it could well be sensor related then. Nothing coming up in the DTC's (if you have a TC that is?) other than that, do you know anyone with an OBDII Scanner you could borrow?

Check all hoses, not just intercoolers, even the smallest slit will cause havoc, especially where vacuum is needed.

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hi,new to the forum.my 2004 tdci has,for the last fe months,had the engine management light come on with, sometimes,feels like a slight loss of power. After a week or so,the light goes off,and stays off for a few weeks THEN it comes back again,then off!  last week though,the engine management light is still out,but i had a loss of power,and the glow plug light was flashing. I pulled over,and turned off the engine.Restarted ,and the glow plug light had extinguished itself. drove away,and all seemed fine. Today,it happened again. The engine management light is still out,and turning the engine off and on ,cleared the glow plug light flashing,and again all ok. Iam planning a long trip back to the uk soon,but worried about it. thanks,keith jackson,france.

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1 hour ago, keith jackson said:

had the engine management light come on with, sometimes,feels like a slight loss of power.

You need to get a diagnostic system of some sort. Some basic OBD2 scanners will not work on a Mk1 Diesel as it was before the enforced compliance date. But Forscan with a decent ELM327 does work on them. It will give at least some clue as to the cause of the lights coming on.

I am not sure what sort of EGR valve it has, but small power losses and EML coming on are typical of EGR problems. However there are lots of other possibilities, from fuel to engine sensors.

I can give more info on Forscan if needed.



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