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My Car Hates Me.


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I have just got a 2004 c max. I cannot open the passenger front door, from the inside or the outside. The door does not have a key thingy on the outside. I am told it's a fuse problem. The other day I couldn't get any of doors to open, had to open boot and get in thru there. Thinking about just leaving windows open but I am no Daisy Duke. Kids not happy about sitting in the back, teenagers for you. And radio does it's own thing. Wont turn on, turn off, and then comes on when I am at work or asleep etc. Apart from that it is lovely to drive. Anyway, if anyone has a clue, I would be grateful. Back to reading all the older posts, i am sure the answer is in here somewhere. x

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Not sure if this is related but i had a Ford KA all the electrics started packing up the door locks radio heater fan ect ,Turned out my problem was a bad earth the engine and graebox earth were removed during a clutch replacement and not correctly installed causing my poor KA to suffer random electrical faults ,Easy to check and worth a look if you get any weird electrical problems ;)

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