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Alarm Going Off Whilst Driving :@(


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I have a P reg ford Fiesta.. yesterday i had the most embarrassing experience whilst travelling through a city centre. (off all places). the alarm kept going off whilst i was driving. I have only had the car a month or so and the alarm has never worked. At first i thought it was the horn, but the horn noise comes from the front and this noise was coming from the back. The dash light (for doors open) was flickering on and off.. the hazard lights got stuck on. The battery was charged up over the weekend so not sure if this has effected it or not. HELP how do i stop this from happening again?

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I don't suppose it matters now, as this post is almost a month old and you probably have replaced the car with the C-Max in your profile, but I'll help you none the less.

The Fiesta MK4 uses a rather simple alarm system, which should mean it won't fail, but being a 13 year old car, anything can fail!

It sounds like one of the alarm sectors in the ECU has short circuited and is setting the alarm off randomly.

In saying that, it could be something more simple, like a dodgy wire telling the system it is locked when it isn't etc...

If it is the ECU, you'd be better just making do with it or replacing the car, but if it is just a simple wire, that can be fixed by an auto electrician fairly simply.

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